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Largent Health LLC's lead product, FiteBac Hand Sanitizer, offers the best in class solution for maintaining clean hands. FiteBac is available in both tubes, suitable for personal use, and our Handsfree Automatic Dispenser, suitable for locations where multiple personnel routinely require hand sanitization. It's the optimal solution for maintaining clean hands.

FiteBac Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary, FDA monograph compliant, hospital grade, hand sanitizer. The non-irritating, softening formulation encourages hand hygiene compliance while supporting the skin's natural barrier. FiteBac moisturizing formulation soothes dry, irritated skin, a result of the regular use of alcohols, foams, soap and water. FiteBac's silicone cross-polymers form a hydrophobic barrier which supplements the skins lipid layer, helping to block, water, dirt and other contaminants. FiteBac contains 0.1% Benzalkonium Chloride, a broad spectrum germicidal.

Core Competencies

  • 3oz FiteBac Hand Sanitizer Tubes
  • Hands Free Dispenser- Wall Mounted
  • Hands Free Dispenser- Stationary Stand
  • Hands Free Dispenser- Rolling Stand
  • Dispenser Refill Cartridges


Largent Health LLC offers products which are unique in their respective markets. For example, FiteBac Hand Sanitizer is the only silicone cross-polymer based hand sanitizer formulation which offers broad spectrum antimicrobial activity without concomitant skin damage as seen with competitor's products. In fact, FiteBac Hand Sanitizer's unique formulation supplements the skin's natural lipid layers, improving skin health, which therefore should encourage improved hand hygiene compliance. We are committed to providing a high-quality product coupled with excellent customer service for a healthy and prosperous relationship. Our operational team is dedicated to being highly responsive when answering questions and fulfilling orders.

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